Things That Make Me Smile

Garett losing his first two teeth…one of which he pulled!  His permanent teeth had already come in BEHIND his baby teeth and now those are moving up into place very nicely!  Thank you God!!  And he got the equivalent of all As on his report card!  Yay Bug!!

Reece getting a 96 on his math test and making Honor Roll again this 9 weeks!  He has also created an email address for himself.  This makes me a little bit sad because as Amanda said, now he’s growing up!springtiem-fun-116

Logan learning to ride his bike without training wheels.  Yay to Rhett for teaching him!!  He also has gotten brave enough to go over the ramp the Big Boys use to jump their bikes.  He has also learned to pick himself up and dust himself off when he falls.  “Shake it off” is what we say!!

Harry taking naps…just kidding…there are lots of things about Harry that make me smile…but he’s so rambunctious that his naps make me smile too!  He make me smile when he walks into the kitchen in the morning and his first word to me is “‘Sup?”  (What’s up?).  He is a bolt of personality!

Rhett taking down trees in our backyard.  He once asked me to guess how many trees were back there.  I said 12.  There were like 25!  Now we have 4 less…I think.  Rhett playing with the Boys makes me smile too…especially when he throws the boomerang “to show the Boys how to do it” and it doesn’t work.  That makes me laugh!springtiem-fun-173

We have a new pet.  He makes me smile.  He is a GOAT!!  Humphrey is AWESOME!!  We love him and he thinks he is one of  the  dogs!  He’s a big goat!  Come visit and see him!  Here is Reece “playing” with him!

We have 33 days of school left…if I counted correctly!  Really its 32 and 2 1/2 days.  Yay!!  Camp Wannahavesomefun is getting ready to open for the season!


The ice cream truck has made it’s first appearance of the season.  Yummm, Nutty Buddys!!


zoo-fun-and-easter-001Zoo days make me smile too!  One day Rhett got home early so when we picked up the Boys off to Greenville we went!  We’ve been 3 times in the last 2 months and the babies and I are going with Julie and Jonah tomorrow too!  You can never get enough of the Zoo!


So that’s what’s up with us.  What’s new with you!?  Let us know!  There are so many ways to stay, phone, text, FaceBook, snail mail, drop by and chat…there’s no excuse!  Hope to hear from you soon!


Until then, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the Smiling Browns

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Happy Anniversary!

Fourteen years ago today I married my Very Best Friend for the first time.  It was Saturday, March 18, 1995wedding.  I was 20, Rhett was 23 and it was a perfect day…except for the part where I fainted after the ceremony.  Note to Brides…even if you are too excited to eat the morning of your wedding…eat.  Especially if your dress weighs 25 lbs.  You’ll need to keep your strength up!

 Fast forward almost 14 years.  We have lived our vows and they mean something totally different now.  We have experienced richer and poorer, better and worse, sickness and health.  We have decorated everything from a rented 1 bedroom apartment to a mortgaged 3 bedroom house.  We have 4 wonderful sons who fill our lives with joy, worry, anticipation, and love.  We still have each other and though there have been rocky roads at times, there have also been more smooth sailing days for us.

This past October Rhett and I took the “Love Dare” from my friend Louan.  She told me about the movie Fireproof and then gave me the book the movie is based on, Love Dare.  It’s 40 days of Bible study and direction in the way you are to treat your spouse.  This book changed our marriage.  The final “Dare” is to renew your vows.  Whether it’s in the privacy of your home with the two of you and God or an elaborate ceremony…just renew them.  Write them from your heart and renew them.  We took the dare.

 On Saturday. February 28th, 2009, I became Mrs. Mrs. Rhett Brown.  Two marriages, two titles!  We traveled to Charleston and shared a wonderful weekend with our friends Cliff and Sherry, Julie and Keith, Amanda and Steven and Rhett’s parents, Tim and Vonnie.  At this point I must give a HUGE THANK YOU to the people who made the whole trip a possibility!  Thank you to Missy and Richie for keeping Reece and Garett Friday night and Mia and Scott for keeping Logan and Harry Friday night and ALL FOUR BOYS Saturday night!!  AND Harry was sick!  Mia, you are truly a saint.  Another huge thank you goes out to Louan, not only for daring us to read the book, but for babysitting Chloe and Bella too!  You all are the BEST!

img_0214Rhett and I read our vows to each other on the beach at Folly under overcast skies.  It threatened to rain but God held off till the afternoon.  It was breezy, but not cold and I was a blushing Bride!  It was wonderful!  Rhett and I read what we had written from our hearts and God ordained another marriage between two Best Friends.  Cliff read a covenant and God smiled on us.  The day was perfect!  There were no rings to lose and no fainting!

After the ceremony, Julie took lots of pictures and then we had our “reception” at Locklear’s.  Umm….greater grits were never eaten img_0345than the ones I had that day!  And we had wedding cupcakes from The Chocolate Shoppe in Greenville.  Where I picked our first wedding cake, Rhett and I chose these red velvet confections together.  That’s the best way to do anything.  Together.  I like that word.  I like being part of that word.  I like being half of  Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Brown.  I love Rhett and the dream life that he has allowed me to live with him and our Boys.  It may not be perfect…but who’s is?  It’s ours and I plan on sharing it for at least another 50!  Happy Anniversary, My Honey!


Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the Newlywedsimg_0340

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Logi the 4 Year Old!

february-fun-015Okay, okay!  I’m catching up!  Let’s talk about Logan’s birthday first then I’ll tell you all about our re-wedding!

My Youngest Middle Baby (that’s a real title, too!) turned 4 in February.  Unbelievable!  Unbelievable because, number one, it seems like he was just born yesterday and number two, if you talk to him for more than 3 minutes he can amaze you with all of his random thoughts!  Here are a few examples:

–Logan loves the “wed suit” Batman in his Lego Batman game.

–His sharks live under “blonde dirt” in the ocean. He means the sand!!

–He loves the movie “Rudolph the Nose Reindeer”.  No red in this movie!!

–His “favorite juice” is orange juice…and he calls it just that…favorite juice!

–Boots.  All the time…summer, shorts, boots.  And he doesn’t care if the boots match.  Or if they are on the right feet.  He is a boot lover and would sleep in them if I let him!

I call Reece and Garett the Big Boys and Logan and Harry the Babies.  I love that.  Logan does not so I’ve had to start whispering the word babies as to not offend him.  I don’t want him to grow up!

Logan, like Bug, is both an older brother and a younger brother and  he takes both roles very seriously.  He will play the Baby if needed to get his way and then turn around and “rule” over Harry.  It’s a wonderful battle that he fights within himself and I can not wait to see him grow into a young man.  Okay, yes I can…I want him to stay little and sweet!  I’ll just have to make sure he grows up and is big and sweet!  :o)  I have no fear that that will be the case.  We love you Logi!  Happy 4th Birthday Big Boy!

Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the Big Brown Boys

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Happy Birthday to Garett Bug!!

january-fun-0071As of January 17th I have a 7 year old.  His name is Garett.  He looks like his Dad but acts like me.  If he thinks it, he says it.

He is a sweet, sensitive boy that will still climb in my lap to talk or for me to read a book to.  He loves to play outside with his brothers or to play football with Rhett.

I think that sometimes he is lost in the middle of our family.  Reece is oldest and Harry is youngest so we work hard to carve out time for Garett.  He helps us remember to do this by being mischievous at times!  He is in 1st grade and reading on a 2nd grade level and doing AWESOME in school!  He loves his teacher, Ms. Martin, and I love that she co-mothers Bug with me…sometimes it takes both of us to love on him enough to satisfy his needs and so I am glad to share him with her during the day.

Bug, you are a super big brother and a fabulous little brother.  You keep our life on  it’s toes and I am so proud of the job you are doing as our Number One 7 year old!  I love you to the moon and back!!


Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


President of the I’m in Love with a Bug Fan Club!

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Fun with Our Friends!

So a couple of things have happened recently that I wanted to blog on but haven’t taken the time. 

1.  Before Christmas we met for dinner with a group of friends that we have history with.  Not like a claschristmas-and-new-year-fun-022s, History, but the important life history.  We had dinner with The Jeters who I have known for  20 years, the Stiles (20 years) and Campbells (hmm-like 21 years, I think).  I babysat for the Jeters and the Stiles and they “adopted” me and loved me as their own.  When Rhett andI met, he had to pass the tests from both families.  Madison and Amanda were 3 years old so he had to roll up his sleeves andplay!  He also had to pass inspection from my friend Jaime (Verley) Campbell, who I went to church with.  She obviously approved andso she stood with me at our 1995 wedding.  Jaime married Bryan (we approved!) in 1999 and now she has 2 (and one due in March! Yay!) children.  We have history…andI love it!!  It was so wonderful of Amanda to organize dinner for us!  What a grand time we had! My Great Aunt Alicia May uses the word grand and I LOVE it so I’ve been trying it on for size.  I think it fits!


2. My long-time friend, Julie, came to visit from West Virginia with her 3 Boys, Patrick, William and Mikey.  We met at Kids Planet and played on an unseasonably wchristmas-and-new-year-fun-065arm January day.  Patrick was helping watch out for us and when he saw us he said he saw someone with a “wad of Boys”!  Ha Ha Ha!  That’s me!  I have a wad of Boys, I just never thought of it like that!  That is so Julie!  Her and Michael’s humor have definitely rubbed off!  I met Michael and Julie, gosh, like 17 years ago at the Marriott.  Micheal was the Front Office Manager achristmas-and-new-year-fun-077nd Julie trained me at the Front Desk.  Unbelieveable!  Julie was my Maid of Honor, I was her Matron of Honor and we have been through lots together.  I can’t wait to see them again.  We hope to head north to see them (and some snow!) before too long!  They need to come visit again soon too, since we didn’t make it to Anita’s while they were here!


3. Family Fun Nights are the BEST!!  Here are a couple from a night we had recently!  I LOVE thchristmas-and-new-year-fun-102ese pictures!christmas-and-new-year-fun-097








christmas-and-new-year-fun-111christmas-and-new-year-fun-109  K’Nex Rock!!  We love them!









So we’ve had lots of fun, with more to come!  We’ve celebrated Bug’s 7th birthday and I will post on that very soon!  I promise!!  Before I go, I must give a big shout out to Jimmy!  Without out his encouragement, I would not be blogging today!!  Thanks, Jimmy, for caring about the Browns!  We love you!!

Until Next time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the Browns Just Want to Have Fun!!

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Reece’s Birthday!

Since I have another Birthday Boy quickly closing in, I thought it might be to my advantage to celebrate Reece’s birth first!

On December 29th Reece turned 9.  Oh my.  9.  I simply cannot believe it!  We have been watching lots of old home movies and to see Reece as a baby seems like yesterday!  This past year has brought a lot of changes in Reece’s life.  He is more responsible and grown up looking, but also more grown up acting…at times!  Not always though and those are the moments I want to freeze in time.  The crawl up and cuddle with me times.  The wanting to be read to times. The cooking with me times.  I wish those moments came more often, but I will take them as I get them for I know that one day, those too will be gone.  One of my favorite books is Love You Forever and I read it whenever my children will allow me to.  The Mom in the story, this is me.  Though I don’t crawl onto his top bunk and cradle him, I often stand beside his bed and stroke his hair off of his face and pray for God’s blessings to follow him wherever he goes.  He is and always will be my baby.  Whether he is 9, 19, 49 or 99.


Happy Birthday, Reecie!  You are well loved, and importantly, you are well liked, too!  Don’t ever change.

Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the 9 Year Old Reece Brown Fan Club!

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Excitement in the Brown’s Backyard

So today we had wind here in Lyman.  LOTS of wind!  So much wind in fact that it uprooted a 60′ pine tree in our backyard!!  Here is the view from just outside our back door.  It landed about 20′ from the back of the house.


Look how close it came to our swing set!  One foot to the left and it would have been crushed!


Look at this!  It just came right up out and out of the ground!  It had maybe 6′ to fall between the swing set and the fence and it went right in between the two of them!  Amazing!  We are SOOOO lucky!


Here are my helpers coming our to survey the damage!  Logan the Power Ranger (Yesterday he was Spider Man!  Anyone have any costumes they want to donate to my dresser upper?!?) and Garett were amazed!  Reece was already over on the right trying to estimate how big the base was!



So, moral of the story?  We will have lots of wood for the new wood stove Rhett put in last weekend!  The wood has to dry for a year, but we’ll be set for a bit!  BTW, I LOVE my new stove!  Very toasty!  :o)

It doesn’t take much to excite us here at the Brown home!

Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the Grab Your Chainsaw and Come Help Rhett Club!

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Too Funny…I Think.

Logan does math.  Here is how it goes.

Logan:  Mommy.  What’s 83 plus a single plus 4 plus a single plus a single?  (We assume that singles=1)

Me:  Ummmm, 90?

Logan:  SEVEN!

Me:  Ok.

Logan:  Garett, what’s 49 plus 3 plus 8 plus a single plus a single?

Garett:  56?  (This is his guess)

Logan:  SEVEN!

So last week after a round of “Math with Logan”, Garett asks me, “Mom, when is Logan going to school?” 


“I’m kinda tired of him not knowing how to do math.”

I don’t care who you are.  This is funny stuff!

That’s all I have.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

pre-christmas-fun-0722I did it! I sent our Christmas cards! With a picture, a letter and a card!  I have a sense of accomplishment that won’t leave me!  I still have a few more to send out, but I’m just making the Christmas season last a little longer for a few of you!

christmas-and-new-year-fun-040We spent Christmas Eve eating Mexican food and spending time with the Brown/Burch side of our family.  The Boys decorated Gingerbread Men with Teba so that was fun!



Christmas Day we enjoyed Santa’s visit and then spent time with my Dad/Mr. Spitler/Poppa.  The Boys loved constructing a gingerbread house with him!  Logan was just tired of me taking pictures…that’s what his long face is for!


christmas-and-new-year-fun-058Christmas Day afternoon my Mom/Maryanna/Grandma flew in from Arizona and spent 5 days visiting with us.  This picture was taken at GSP as she was leaving.  Logan, Harry and Garett are all wearing the Dirt Shirts she got us for Christmas.  They are colored with the red dirt from Sedona, Arizona!

We were able to talk to Jeff on Christmas Day so all of our family was involved in our celebration!

This year Christmas was the epitome of Christmas with cookies being baked and yummchristmas-and-new-year-fun-089y treats being made (two words-Oreo Balls).  We visited the Hyatt downtown for the Festival of Trees and looked at lots of lights!  New Years Eve was spent with lots of friends, food, dancing (!) and fireworks at the Schulte’s.  Obviously Harry didn’t make it til midnight!  Neither did Logan but Reece and Bug did, ringing in 2009 on Rock Band!! It was a great season…it just went by too fast!

We’ve baked cookies and treats, exchanged gifts with friends and family and slept in.  We’ve made resolutions for the year (one of mine being to keep up with my blog!) and planned for 2009.  The biggest surprise I had this Christmas was being proposed to!  Rhett and I have been making plans to renew our vows in March, but on Christmas Day he dropped to one knee and formally asked me if I would like to be Mrs. Rhett Brown for the second time!  I cried.  He stayed on one knee til I told him yes.  So it will be!  I wonder if I can fit in my original wedding dress?!  Just kidding!  It will be very informal on the beach.  I can’t wait!

So for now I will leave you with well wishes and lots of love.  The Browns hope that you had a marvelous Christmas and a fabulous New Year!  I’ll be back soon–I’ve resolved to do better!

Until Then, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the I’m-Getting-Married-Again-Club!!

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Catch Up!

Why do I do this?!?  I blog well for a while and then  BAM!  I’m stagnant!  Well, it’s my blog that’s stagnant, not my life, that’s for sure!!

What’s been going on!?  Here’s the quick run down!

We have a new puppy.  Her name is Bella and she is absolutely adorable!!  She and Chloe plabellay amazingly well together and she has carved out a place in all of our hearts!


Thanksgiving wasthanksgiving-and-pre-christmas-fun-001 celebrated with  Family and Food and Fun!  My Dad and Rhett’s parents and sister came over to eat and we were able to talk to my brother, Jeff, and his wife, Debbie, who live in Egypt via Skype.  That made me happy! The biggest thing we are thankful for?  My Dad’s salvation!  He wins the prize this year for the biggest life changing decision!  :o)




I enjoyed another PTO Girl’s Night Out and we added another one of our Board Members!  Julie C. joined us and we had a blast!  It’s always nice to get together and just be a girl!  We missed Nadine, but maybe in January we can all make it for the first time ever!  :o)


Reece has begun his basketball season…his first one on a co-ed team!  Our church didn’t have enough players to create a team for his age so we joined up with 1st Pres and are having a great time!  In his first game, Reece scored 10 of the 14 points!  Yay!  He’s practicing hard and loving the game!  I’ll get a picture of him this week!

We visited Santa last week at Reece and Garett’s school!  It was Storytime with Santa and we had a ball!!  Cookies and hot chocolate was served, stories were read to the children and a creative writing activity rounded out the evening.  thanksgiving-and-pre-christmas-fun-056Here is Garett talking to Santa.  I have a picture of all of us with Santa, but I’m hoping to use it as a Christmas card picture!  Don’t get tooo excited…2007’s are still in my office!!  Santa called our house a couple of weeks ago asking the Boys to re-think their Christmas List since it contained nothing except dirt bikes and the assorted paraphernalia, so they re-submitted their new lists so he could get started right away.  Reece forgot a few items, but asked Santa if  “my Mom can email the list to you”.  That was too funny!

Last Sunday was the Greer Christmas Parade!  I had no idea it was so big!!  We hung out with our LifeGroup at Steven and Amanda’s and had hot chocolate and cider and played in the chocolate fountain with marshmallows!  They live on Main Street so the parade went right by their house-it was awesome!  Here are a few pictures.thanksgiving-and-pre-christmas-fun-062

David, Tracy, Rhett and Logan braving the chilly day!



Mia and Me!



Rhett and Harry after Harry woke up from his nappy nap.  (GO COWBOYS!  We aren’t fairweather fans! )



The Brown Family enjoying the parade!



Our gracious hosts, Amanda and Steven!



Overseeing all the festivities there was Amanda, Steven, Rhett, tracy, Cliff and Mark!

We had a blast and are already planning for next year and the float Freedom Fellowship will enter!  After the parade, the Brown Boys headed to the home of the Batemans and Rhett and I enjoyed a child-free evening of Christmas shopping!  That is just the best when someone calls you and says, bring the Boys over tomorrow!  Yep!  All 4 of them!  Thank you SO much, Debbie and Steve!  You’re the BEST!!

So that’s us in a nutshell!  We are loving life, growing tall and getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus!  Life doesn’t get any better than this!  Stay tuned for more love from the Browns!

Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the We-Are-GOING-to-Have-a-Christmas-Card-This-Year Browns

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