We’re Still Here!

School has started and life has ramped up in a big way!!  The Boys are loving school and Logi is reading and writing and amazing us everyday!  Garett is flying through books and came home last week telling us about the Algebra that he is learning!  Learn it now, Bug!!  Mommy won’t be much help when it gets harder!  We’ll have to wait for Daddy to get home….or go visit Aunt Jaimes for some tutoring!!  Reece is in a new school this year and loving it!  If he doesn’t have Chorus then it’s Creations…or Animal Lovers Club after school!    SOOOO glad to be part of a carpool! 

Harry is doing great and adjusting to being with me during the day.  We have speech therapy once a week and so he calls that “going to school”!  He takes his backpack and everything!  He has an attitude and a temper,  but can also be the sweetest of My Boys!

Rhett is doing great and loves that Logi seems to have caught the golfing bug!  They love to go to the driving range together and if they aren’t putting or driving together then they are practicing soccer.  Logan is playing again this fall and Rhett is truly the At-Home-Coach!  He’s a fantastic Dad and not a day goes by that he doesn’t play with or read to the Boys. 

I have returned to school…again….and hate to wish my life away, but can’t wait until each class I take is over!  I am taking 3 now and hope to get into the Nursing Program at the beginning of the year since all of my prerequisites will be finished.

It’s a busy life and a fun life.  It’s a full life and definitely a blessed life.  Thank you for wanting to share in it with us!

Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the Brown Family


About Jeanne

I'm a SAHM mother of 4 who loves nothing better than to spend the day with all of her Boys! I'm living out my dream being the hands-on Mommy I've always wanted to be!
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