All for Love

I blog for my family.  I have found a website that will bound my blog into a book and so this is my record of our lives for future generations.  My Grandma wrote in a diary, my Great Aunt writes a weekly letter to the family, I blog.  Not well, I admit, but I try.  Here is my latest attempt to catch us up to date.

My last post was at the beginning of October and so I’ll begin with Rhett’s 38th Birthday.  We celebrated with lots of friends at El Mariachi and had a great time!  Ashlynn was Rhett’s cutest date, but Jimmy and Hoss were the most unusual pair!  🙂  As I’ve told Rhett each year, I don’t mind him getting older (and I don’t mind getting older either) as long as we are together!


The Brown and Campbell Families at Boo in the Zoo

Halloween was full of fun, friends and candy as we celebrated the whole month of October!  We had Halloween Hoopla,  Boo in the Zoo and Halloween night with the Tuckers and Gunters. The Boys loved getting to wear their costumes so much and we really felt like we got our money’s worth on them!  The Big Boys (and Daddy) made Horton and Dr. Seuss pumpkins for the Storybook Pumpkin Patch at school and we even visited the Chick-fil-a Cow for the Halloween Party he had!  In October we found out that Reece has been accepted into the SC Elementary Honors Chorus!  This is such a huge honor and we can’t wait for his performance in Charleston in February!

November started off with the Brown Family being SO extremely proud of Bug for being chosen as his class’s Terrific Kid!  Wee Hew!!  It couldn’t have happened to a greater 2nd grader!  The next week we celebrated both Reece and Garett in the Pinning Ceremony of the Student Council

Logi, Reece, Brayden, Bug and Abby...Future Leaders!

Members!  This is the first year either of them have been on the Council and we are so proud of them!!  The end of November found us celebrating Thanksgiving and being thankful for all that we have.  We celebrated with Poppa, Beba and Teba and Mimi and we all had full bellies when we left.  My heart was also full of love for my entire family.  We are truly blessed.


Katelyn and Reecie

December was a FLASH!!  We decorated for Christmas the weekend of Thanksgiving because every moment of December was spent celebrating, planning or doing!  Reece participated in the Bill Drake Christmas Celebration at the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium with other 4th grade choirs from District 5.    He played Santa in the

Mr and Mrs Claus...aka Reece and Amaris

Christmas Program at school and had a solo to sing in one of the songs.  By the time we left for Disney World on the 11th we had already celebrated more Christmas events than the whole month of December in years past!

One of my Christmas gifts was a Girl’s Night Out with my Marriott friends!   Although only one of us works there still, we all met there and the history that we share from there is unbelievable.  Stephanie, Melanie, Anne, Jackie, Sherry and I had a great time and laughed so hard remembering good times we’ve shared.  These are some of my Friends with History!

The Boys and the Gingerbread Christmas Tree at the Contemporary Hotel

We hadn’t been to Disney at Christmas since I was pregnant with Logan so the decorations were all overwhelming to us!  We loved it!  Beba and Teba took us and Mimi and we had the BEST time!  It was so warm, the Boys got to go swimming at the beginning of the week!  We did everything we wanted to do (and some things twice!) and Logi even rode Space Mountain!  This was his first

Mimi and Reece in front of the Tree in the Magic Kingdom

BIG rollercoaster and Garett rode his first rollercoaster that went upside down, Rockin’ Rollercoaster!  Logan says he won’t ride Space Mountain again, but Bug rode his rollercoaster twice!  It was all still brand new to Harry and I love the wonder in his eyes in this picture….and it was just taken on the bus!!

We always love Disney and this time was no exception.  It was a fabulous way to begin Christmas Break for the Boys (we took them out of school a week earlier than break started) and the memories that we made will live on.  I loved seeing Rhett with the Boys and spending so much time with my family.  The drive home was like childbirth…horrible at the time, but now that it’s past I don’t remember the bad part and would do it again tomorrow!  Disney’s theme this year is “What will YOU Celebrate Today?”  I think that’s a wonderful question to ask yourself everyday!  You don’t have to be at Disney or have a birthday or anniversary or special event to be in a celebratory mood!  I think that each morning of  2010 the Brown Family will continue to choose JOY and we will talk about what we celebrated each day in the evenings.  That way we can start each day with a smile and end each day with a heart full of celebration!  Thank you Beba and Teba for taking us to Disney World.
When we got back it was CHRISTMAS!  We celebrated our Savior’s birth with Communion (Garett’s first time) Christmas Eve with Poppa at Pelham Road Baptist.  It’s where I grew up and Rhett and I were married so it’s always nice to go “home” and see friends and hug necks we haven’t hugged in a while.  We opened a few presents before we left for church and here are a few smiles I captured!
Christmas morning was great!  The Boys slept til 9:15 and then the fun began!  I was ready….the tree was on, the fire was going, I had the video camera to record their faces as they came into the living room…it was great!  About 6 or 7 minutes into the festivities, after I had been talking to the Boys about what they had gotten I realized something.  The clock on the camcorder wasn’t moving….I was still in standby…not record.  OH NO!!  Rhett told me I couldn’t “re-enact” Christmas morning and so I started from where I was in my interviewing and went forward.  I will make sure THAT mistake doesn’t happen again!  It was a wonderfully relaxing day spent with Beba, Teba and Mimi and we enjoyed talking with my Mom and Marty later on in the afternoon.
When Rhett and I celebrated Christmas 10 years ago, we had no idea that our biggest gift of 1999 would come 4 days

Reece (2 yrs old) holding Garett. This is the 1st digital picture I have of Reece.

after Christmas.  This is the day that I had Timothy Reece Brown.  Ten years.  I am the mother of a ten year old.  I can not believe it.  The years have literally flown by.  We celebrated with dinner at the restaurant of his choice…Steak and Shake.  Beba, Teba, Mimi and Poppa joined us and we have definitely moved from Little Boy gifts into Big

Reece on the day of his 10th birthday

Boy gifts.  I enjoy every day I have as a Mother, because I am aware that number one, it could all be taken away from me in a split second, and two, when I look back, childhood will all be over in the blink of an eye.  Someone recently told me that they don’t understand how I can divide my love between 4 children.  I don’t, every time we had another son, I grew another heart full of love.  So now I have 5, one for Rhett, one for Reece, one for Garett, one for Logan and one for Harry.  My love is never divided, only multiplied.  To fully understand, I think you have to experience multiple children…but be careful…it can be a wild ride that you are never fully ready for!!  🙂

We celebrated the end of 2009 with friends and way too much food!  Scott and Vickie were our hosts and it was fun catching up with friends. Friend to All Children, Jimmy, was there

Jimmy and Jada

and the Boys loved playing with him and with Jake.  Everyone was very laid back and it was a great way to say goodbye to 2009.  We left early to be home safe and sound by midnight.  We got home, woke the kids up and got inside and started to get settled in when the power went out!  So, we didn’t get to see the ball drop, but we did make memories by the firelight and candles. 
It was a good New Years Eve with everyone sleeping in our bedroom, all safe, cozy and together.  That’s exactly how a family should be and we wish your family a safe, cozy and full of togetherness 2010.
Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,
Queen of the We’re Celebrating Everyday Brown Family

About Jeanne

I'm a SAHM mother of 4 who loves nothing better than to spend the day with all of her Boys! I'm living out my dream being the hands-on Mommy I've always wanted to be!
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4 Responses to All for Love

  1. Maryanna says:

    So, I guess both Taggies made it back home from Disney World?
    Thanks for the updated Christmas blog. Happy New Year to all in the Rhett Brown family.
    May 2010 be your best year yet.

  2. Jimmy White says:

    Great Job Jeanne!!!! I really enjoyed hang out with yall (and all the other famalies) on New Years Eve. We will have to try to plan to get together somehow at least once a month, even if it is meeting at a resturant to eat. I love all of the Brown Family. Jimbo

  3. Scott says:

    Thanks for sharing your family with us! Like I said a house full of good friends and laughing children makes my heart smile. We are glad God brought us together.
    The Greene’s

  4. Jeanne says:

    Yes, Mom, both taggies made it back, as well as Bubba! Bubba now has a luggage tag attached to him at all times with my cell #!

    Jimmy and Scott, the Browns are blessed to know you and your families! Set the date, Jimmy and we will all go out to eat!! We would love that!!

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