Baptism the Way We Do It!

There are different ways that one can be baptized.  Being sprinkled by the Pastor as a Baby,  immersed in a baptismal pool at the front of the church by a Reverend.  I like they way Our People, Freedom Fellowship, do it.  On Sunday, July 26th, Garett was baptized.  In Lyman Lake.  In swimming trunks.   By his Daddy.  What an AWESOME experience!  We had tons of friends and family attend the baptism and the huge BBQ that was held afterwards.  Here is a picture of some, but not all, of our group.  We had long time friends and new friends there.  We had a youth that helped with one of the VBSs that Bug attended there.  We had his Principal, his 1st grade teacher and his 2nd grade teacher there…though at the time we didn’t know she was going to be his 2nd grade teacher! All in all I think we had about 35 people come to show Garett some love.  :o)Cincy Zoo, Family Reunion and Baptism 114

The love and support that surounded Garett was amazing!  We are so very blessed to have such wonderful, caring and loving friends and family.

These are my favorite pictures.  Thank you, Jill, for posting them on FaceBook for me!

Bug's Baptism 3Here is Bug listening to our Pastor, Cliff, ask him if he has indeed asked Jesus into his heart.



Bug's Baptism 4




Here is Rhett washing the old Bug away…




Bug's Baptism 5


And the NEW Bug emerges!!  Yay!  God is SO good!  He has always been a wonderful child, but now more than ever he is trying to live the right way, do the right thing, say the right thing.  I did tell him and Reece the other day though, that if Jesus lived in their hearts then he better live in their mouths too and for them to stop calling each other names.  It’s worked pretty well.



My friend Jimmy had the honor of baptizing his sister.  Here is a picture of them that I think says it all.Cincy Zoo, Family Reunion and Baptism 131  It was a reverent and joyful event all at the same time.  It was the best.


So, that’s how we do it!  And my heart is happy knowing that Garett will be with me in heaven one day.  It is well with my soul.


Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the Full of Joy Browns


About Jeanne

I'm a SAHM mother of 4 who loves nothing better than to spend the day with all of her Boys! I'm living out my dream being the hands-on Mommy I've always wanted to be!
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One Response to Baptism the Way We Do It!

  1. Jimmy White says:

    Jeanne, What great pictures. I got choked up see the pic of me and my sister. You caught me acting a fool for Jesus. God is indeed GREAT!!!! You and your family are wonderful friends, Thank You and i hope yall have a great week.

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