My New Favorite Place

I have a new favorite place.  Well, it’s not entirely new.  I used to go there alot.  Rhett and I used to walk there.  Sometimes daily.  I got engaged there.  After we got married we lived with in walking distance of this place.  But then I got prego with Reece and suddenly we needed a home with more than 1 bathroom so we moved.  I miss that house.  But I digress.  My new (old) favorite place is Furman University.

Two weeks ago Rhett and I had a date night.  We went and picked up dinner and went and had a picnic beside the lake.  Then we walked around the lake and talked.  And talked.  And talked some more.  It was WONSams Party ETC 067DERFUL! Since we had such a grand time, we took the Boys back on Sunday evening.  I packed a picnic.  Rhett packed the bikes and the stroller and away we went!  The Boys loved it!  They rode around the lake with Harry, Rhett and I following along.  We ate dinner under a big tree and continued on around.  We’ve gone to Furman for the last two weeks now and we’ll hopefully get to go tomorrow for Mother’s Day. 

I’ve learned so much while we’ve been there.  I’ve learned that Logan refuses to be left behind by the Big Boys.  I’ve learned that Reece and Garett can be beaten in a race against both Rhett and me.  I’ve learned that all of the Boys like exploring the koi pond and the rose garden.  I’ve learned that when faced with a Mama Duck and 10 little duckings all of the Boys go silent.  They were so cute, the Boys and the ducks!  I’ve learned that the Boys can be considerate and ride to the right when someone is coming toward us.  I’ve learned that people are amazed that Logan is riding without training wheels.  I’ve learned that no matter how rocky our week has been, an evening together at Furman makes it all better.  It’s a wonderful way to start our week.  And I wouldn’t miss the time we spend together for the world. 

Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the Biker Browns


About Jeanne

I'm a SAHM mother of 4 who loves nothing better than to spend the day with all of her Boys! I'm living out my dream being the hands-on Mommy I've always wanted to be!
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2 Responses to My New Favorite Place

  1. Lauren Limon says:

    I love that you have 3 boys! And the no-training-wheels is pretty darned awesome

  2. Jeanne says:

    Lauren, I actually have 4 Boys! 5 if you count Rhett! :o) I hope you had a fabulous First Mother’s Day!!

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