Happy Anniversary!

Fourteen years ago today I married my Very Best Friend for the first time.  It was Saturday, March 18, 1995wedding.  I was 20, Rhett was 23 and it was a perfect day…except for the part where I fainted after the ceremony.  Note to Brides…even if you are too excited to eat the morning of your wedding…eat.  Especially if your dress weighs 25 lbs.  You’ll need to keep your strength up!

 Fast forward almost 14 years.  We have lived our vows and they mean something totally different now.  We have experienced richer and poorer, better and worse, sickness and health.  We have decorated everything from a rented 1 bedroom apartment to a mortgaged 3 bedroom house.  We have 4 wonderful sons who fill our lives with joy, worry, anticipation, and love.  We still have each other and though there have been rocky roads at times, there have also been more smooth sailing days for us.

This past October Rhett and I took the “Love Dare” from my friend Louan.  She told me about the movie Fireproof and then gave me the book the movie is based on, Love Dare.  It’s 40 days of Bible study and direction in the way you are to treat your spouse.  This book changed our marriage.  The final “Dare” is to renew your vows.  Whether it’s in the privacy of your home with the two of you and God or an elaborate ceremony…just renew them.  Write them from your heart and renew them.  We took the dare.

 On Saturday. February 28th, 2009, I became Mrs. Mrs. Rhett Brown.  Two marriages, two titles!  We traveled to Charleston and shared a wonderful weekend with our friends Cliff and Sherry, Julie and Keith, Amanda and Steven and Rhett’s parents, Tim and Vonnie.  At this point I must give a HUGE THANK YOU to the people who made the whole trip a possibility!  Thank you to Missy and Richie for keeping Reece and Garett Friday night and Mia and Scott for keeping Logan and Harry Friday night and ALL FOUR BOYS Saturday night!!  AND Harry was sick!  Mia, you are truly a saint.  Another huge thank you goes out to Louan, not only for daring us to read the book, but for babysitting Chloe and Bella too!  You all are the BEST!

img_0214Rhett and I read our vows to each other on the beach at Folly under overcast skies.  It threatened to rain but God held off till the afternoon.  It was breezy, but not cold and I was a blushing Bride!  It was wonderful!  Rhett and I read what we had written from our hearts and God ordained another marriage between two Best Friends.  Cliff read a covenant and God smiled on us.  The day was perfect!  There were no rings to lose and no fainting!

After the ceremony, Julie took lots of pictures and then we had our “reception” at Locklear’s.  Umm….greater grits were never eaten img_0345than the ones I had that day!  And we had wedding cupcakes from The Chocolate Shoppe in Greenville.  Where I picked our first wedding cake, Rhett and I chose these red velvet confections together.  That’s the best way to do anything.  Together.  I like that word.  I like being part of that word.  I like being half of  Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Brown.  I love Rhett and the dream life that he has allowed me to live with him and our Boys.  It may not be perfect…but who’s is?  It’s ours and I plan on sharing it for at least another 50!  Happy Anniversary, My Honey!


Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the Newlywedsimg_0340


About Jeanne

I'm a SAHM mother of 4 who loves nothing better than to spend the day with all of her Boys! I'm living out my dream being the hands-on Mommy I've always wanted to be!
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3 Responses to Happy Anniversary!

  1. Beverly Wilkins says:

    Oh Jeanne, how wonderful. Congratulations Mrs. Mrs. Rhett Brown!!!!! The pictures are absolutely beautiful and you are more lovely today than you were 14 years ago. Happy Anniversary to you and Rhett and many more. You are an amazing woman and a wonderful friend.

    PS (Rhett looks mighty handsome, too!)

  2. Mom says:

    Congratulations on 14th years of marriage that made you want to renew your vows. (I thought it was 15 years). Sorry we couldn’t share your 2nd very special day, but you know we were there in thought. We are so very proud of both of you and your wonderful four sons.

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