Catch Up!

Why do I do this?!?  I blog well for a while and then  BAM!  I’m stagnant!  Well, it’s my blog that’s stagnant, not my life, that’s for sure!!

What’s been going on!?  Here’s the quick run down!

We have a new puppy.  Her name is Bella and she is absolutely adorable!!  She and Chloe plabellay amazingly well together and she has carved out a place in all of our hearts!


Thanksgiving wasthanksgiving-and-pre-christmas-fun-001 celebrated with  Family and Food and Fun!  My Dad and Rhett’s parents and sister came over to eat and we were able to talk to my brother, Jeff, and his wife, Debbie, who live in Egypt via Skype.  That made me happy! The biggest thing we are thankful for?  My Dad’s salvation!  He wins the prize this year for the biggest life changing decision!  :o)




I enjoyed another PTO Girl’s Night Out and we added another one of our Board Members!  Julie C. joined us and we had a blast!  It’s always nice to get together and just be a girl!  We missed Nadine, but maybe in January we can all make it for the first time ever!  :o)


Reece has begun his basketball season…his first one on a co-ed team!  Our church didn’t have enough players to create a team for his age so we joined up with 1st Pres and are having a great time!  In his first game, Reece scored 10 of the 14 points!  Yay!  He’s practicing hard and loving the game!  I’ll get a picture of him this week!

We visited Santa last week at Reece and Garett’s school!  It was Storytime with Santa and we had a ball!!  Cookies and hot chocolate was served, stories were read to the children and a creative writing activity rounded out the evening.  thanksgiving-and-pre-christmas-fun-056Here is Garett talking to Santa.  I have a picture of all of us with Santa, but I’m hoping to use it as a Christmas card picture!  Don’t get tooo excited…2007’s are still in my office!!  Santa called our house a couple of weeks ago asking the Boys to re-think their Christmas List since it contained nothing except dirt bikes and the assorted paraphernalia, so they re-submitted their new lists so he could get started right away.  Reece forgot a few items, but asked Santa if  “my Mom can email the list to you”.  That was too funny!

Last Sunday was the Greer Christmas Parade!  I had no idea it was so big!!  We hung out with our LifeGroup at Steven and Amanda’s and had hot chocolate and cider and played in the chocolate fountain with marshmallows!  They live on Main Street so the parade went right by their house-it was awesome!  Here are a few pictures.thanksgiving-and-pre-christmas-fun-062

David, Tracy, Rhett and Logan braving the chilly day!



Mia and Me!



Rhett and Harry after Harry woke up from his nappy nap.  (GO COWBOYS!  We aren’t fairweather fans! )



The Brown Family enjoying the parade!



Our gracious hosts, Amanda and Steven!



Overseeing all the festivities there was Amanda, Steven, Rhett, tracy, Cliff and Mark!

We had a blast and are already planning for next year and the float Freedom Fellowship will enter!  After the parade, the Brown Boys headed to the home of the Batemans and Rhett and I enjoyed a child-free evening of Christmas shopping!  That is just the best when someone calls you and says, bring the Boys over tomorrow!  Yep!  All 4 of them!  Thank you SO much, Debbie and Steve!  You’re the BEST!!

So that’s us in a nutshell!  We are loving life, growing tall and getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus!  Life doesn’t get any better than this!  Stay tuned for more love from the Browns!

Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the We-Are-GOING-to-Have-a-Christmas-Card-This-Year Browns


About Jeanne

I'm a SAHM mother of 4 who loves nothing better than to spend the day with all of her Boys! I'm living out my dream being the hands-on Mommy I've always wanted to be!
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3 Responses to Catch Up!

  1. Jeff says:

    Glad to hear you’re all having fun, and congratulations to Reece for having such an awesome basketball game!

  2. Deborah says:

    We enjoyed getting to talk to/see all of you, too. Sounds like life with the Brown family has been busy!!

    Seeing you all in your coats and sweatshirts is making me jealous! I’m still wearing short sleeves half the time. I’m ready for fall weather!! (Luckily, I won’t have the dead-of-winter weather, so it’s a decent trade-off . . .)

  3. Julie says:

    I love being able to check in on you like this.
    Harry has gotten so big since I met him at Anitas that time when he was just a little bean.
    I am on the board at my school and am so jealous that we can’t be on the same one. I bet those ladies appreciate you!
    Will you be in town right after Christmas? I am trying to get down that way. Love, Julie Gordon

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