Belated Birthday Wishes!

On October 30th, I became married to an Older Man.  I am 34.  He is 37.  He will be “older” til May and then when the age gap closes to 2 years we will be the same again.  Don’t question my rationalization!  It is what it is!

We started celebrating Rhett’s birthday a day early with our LifeGroup when I took a birthday cake to share.  No singinfall-fun-137g there, to Rhett’s delight, but he did receive lots of well wishes!  On his actual birthday we decorated the house and got him balloons and went to his favorite Mexican restaurant ever-El Matador, in Taylors.  Their mexican food is unbelievable-seriously.  It’s not Combination Plate #5, hold the beans, add extra rice-which btw, we love that mexican restaurant too-but it has all kinds of seasonings and fresh vegetables used and in short, it’s amazing.  Look at this picture of the Birthday Boy and Bug-Rhett hasn’t aged a bit!  I believe it’s Our Boys that keep him young-we will be having another one next year!  The one thing I did that is not Rhett’s favorite birthday tradition is wear my birthday sweater.  I fall-fun-142don’t know why he doesn’t like it (yes I do) but I wear it for all of the cold weather month birthdays which are his, Reece’s, Bug’s and Logan’s.  It’s the luck of the draw, my dear!!  He tolerates my wearing it well though!  Thank you for humoring me, Honey!

The day after Rhett’s birthday is his favorite holiday-Halloween!  We spent Halloween with Mia and Scott Wolfe and Lyle and April Jones and tons of children!!  Scott pulled a trailer of hay and we trick-or-treated in Silvfall-fun-146er Ridge in Greer.  It was fun…and chilly and perfect!  I am taking all of the candy that is left to LifeGroup tonight-we had like 47 pounds of it with all of the events that we attended this year!  Here is a picture of Bug, Logi and Harry at Halloween Hoofall-fun-134pla-Reece was sick and didn’t make it.  All in all it was a great Halloween Season!


We celebrated Rhett’s Birthday after Halloween with his parents and Mimi and TJ.  This time I made his favorite cake with Rainbow Chip icing-he has loved this icing since we were dating and I love that I can bring a smile to his face in such an easy way!



Happy Belated Birthday, my Honey.  You deserve to be celebrated on your birthday, today, and everyday.

By the way, I was joking about having another Baby next year.

Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the Rainbow Chip Icing Club (Rhett is the King of the Club!)


About Jeanne

I'm a SAHM mother of 4 who loves nothing better than to spend the day with all of her Boys! I'm living out my dream being the hands-on Mommy I've always wanted to be!
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