This Won’t Hurt…But It May Take A While

This is my new strategy.  Start here (where you are RIGHT now) and work your way backwards.  Hold on, here we go!

The Babies are asleep and Rhett has taken the Boys fishing with Teba and George.  I’ll post pictures later of what they catch!

Last night we ate at Boston Pizzeria in G Vegas-on the strip-Woodruff Road! Rhett and I began eating there when we were dating (16 years ago) and we wondered if it was still open.  Obviously it was and it was great-all of it-the food the service-THE BOYS-all of it!  Everyone was in a great mood and ate well and Baby Harry didn’t get TOO messy-it was awesome!  It’s not often that you get a truly good night out when you have four children, so I am documenting the night!  It’s hard to believe Rhett and I began dating that long ago-actually, in January it will be 17 years.  Oh my!, as my friend Paula would say!

It’s been a good week.  We’ve been trying to get back into our routine since returning from Disney and it’s been pretty good.  4 of the 6 of us are fighting colds, but I think we’ll live. We are strong.  I have to write this so I don’t forget it-it is too precious.  Thursday morning after the Babies and I dropped Reece and Bug off at school we were coming home and Harry was being quiet so I asked Logan what he (Harry) was doing.  Pay attention to this part-Logan tell me, “He’s playing peek-a-boo with the sun.”  I LOVE THAT!!  The sun had not made it past the tops of the trees and was coming in the van window in between the trees and so Harry was covering and uncovering his eyes from the sun while looking out the window and Logan called it playing peek-a-boo with the sun!  I don’t care who you are-that’s just sweetness right there.  By the way, Harry is 16 months old.  I have 2 months until he is 18 months old.  I have been pregnant every time my Baby at the time is 18 months old.  It would be a true miracle for it to happen this time…but miracles do happen!  Maybe God would like to wait though and give me the miracle in like 5 years.  That would be good.

Guess what I did this week!?  I poached eggs!  In a pan of water!  I had some help from Google, but I did it!  I am very proud of my eggs-here they are!  Don’t they look yummy?!?  I like that word-yummy!  Rhett didn’t use the word yummy-he used the word different…”awesome, but different.”  He supports me trying new things on him, but I think he’ll go back to scrambled in the mornings.


Okay!  Here we go! Vacation–or vaca as a friend of mine calls it  :o)  We got back on the 28th of September from a wild and crazy ride called FLORIDA!  We were there for 10 days and had more fun than one family is supposed to have!  We started out in St. Augustine as a family of 6 and grew into our family of 10 in Orlando when we met up with Beba and Teba and Mimi and TJ.  There is no way I can include all of our pictures here but I will post a link to my Shutterfly album after I get the captions finished on all of the pictures.

This was at the fort in St. Augustine.  The Boys love going there and seeing how the soldiers lived and looking at the cannons and the moat (well, the space for the moat!) and seeing how close they can get to the edge when we are on the top before I tell them to back up!  Here are all of my Boys up on top with one of the cannons.  They (the people that work there-not the Brown Boys) fired the cannons while we were there-actually we were there long enough that we heard them fired twice.  The weather was fabulous and we had a great time! 

This picture was taken on top of the fort as well.  One day Rhett and I hope that we can take pictures like this and have the water be in the background everyday.  Wouldn’t it be nice to live at the beach?

After the fort we hung out and the Boys got ice cream at this little place that Rhett swears has the best blueberry smoothies ever.  We finished up our afternoon shopping in St. Augustine…because who can’t use a new pair of shoes?!?  Friday night we went to a restaurant that I would have NEVER found by myself.  It’s called Clark’s and it was too much fun!  I found it online somehow through the CVB and am so glad I did…it truly is a place for boys-MY Boys loved it!  It’s set on the river-St Johns River, maybe?- and it is filled with stuffed animals-like real animals that have been stuffed!  This picture is from inside the restaurant.  This place is ON the River-like you can boat up to it and there are alligators there-RIGHT there.  Our server, Jack,  told us that people feed the alligators and so they come right up to the decking.  As he told us that he pointed out an alligator outside our window!  It was a little rainy so we were inside, but the alligator was RIGHT there!  OH MY!!  He told us that the mama alligator was around and that she was 14 feet long-let me just tell you that I was glad we were inside.  That is a little too naturey for me!  Yes, I made that word up.  We had a great time AND we ate snake!!  We didn’t tell the Boys what it was (and asked the server not to either) and we had it as an appetizer.  It was tough, but it was an experience!  We did tell them after they had each had a piece…an no one threw up!!  Here is one more picture from there.  It really was one of those rare nights when everyone was in a good mood!

The next morning we headed to Orlando and the car came to rest in Downtown Disney. It’s a Brown Family tradition that the Christmas ornaments are purchased on the very first day of vacation because if you get it personalized you want to make sure you have enough time for it to be finished before you leave.  So we always begin at Disney’s Days of Christmas.  That’s where we ran in to Mimi and TJ.  Ornaments were bought and now we are set for decorating the Christmas tree…December is less than 2 months away!!  After we got to the Hotel and checked in we took the bus to the Animal Kingdom and lunch at TuskerHouse in Africa!   The Boys had fun dancing with the African dancers and Logan loved pointing out all the animal skull and antlers and talking about how big they were-even though he thought everything was from a goat!!  :o)  After lunch we scurried around and ended up getting on the monorail somewhere-Ticket and Transportation, maybe?-and the Boys (and Beba) got to sit in the front of the monorail with the driver while we made our way to the Magic Kingdom!  That was a first for them(sitting with the driver) and they loved it!  Here they are with their cards commemorating the event-Disney wants to commemorate EVERYTHING!!

 Here is Harry coming out of the monorail station with Rhett-he was having such a good time-I couldn’t resist taking a picture of his adorable smile!  He was such a great Baby for the entire trip!  He is so low maintenance (like his Mommy-haha!!) and truly is a blessing to have around (again-like his Mommy!!).

When we got into the park ( a word which confuses Logan, he wants to know where the slide is!) all the Big People scattered and Logan, Harry and I hung out together.  I asked Logan where he wanted to go and his reply was, “the Castle”.  So that’s where we went!  Here he is and here we are together!  You can barely see him, but Harry’s behind me in the backpack…once again being low maintenance!




We watched the SpectroMagic Parade that first night.  It’s my favorite parade and really the only one we ever watch.  I have a video of it that I wanted to share, but it won’t work.  It’s on our YouTube site if you can’t live without it!

 Sunday we went to MGM which has changed names to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  We watched the PlayHouse Disney show since it had been redone and Logan and Harry LOVED it!  Reece and Garett, not so much, but that’s okay since the rest of the time was spent doing things they wanted to do.  This is my favorite picture of Harry (and Rhett!) and then here is one I liked of Logan.  They had the best time and we sang all of the songs  (when I say we I mean Logan and I!)! 


We had a leisurely lunch at Mama Melrose’s and laughed and played probably more than any other family there!  Here are a couple of great pictures that I took.

 And here here are a couple that Garett took!  It was a great afternoon and we had more fun than one family should be allowed to have! 

We rode the new Toy Story Mania which was pretty cool…especially with the 3-D glases-check out this cute crew! 


As I look through this post and see that I have over 1500 words already I feel the need to finish.  I began this at about 7:30 this morning (Saturday) and have taken breaks to play, work in the yard, eat lunch and clean some and now I am ready to finish.  I will let you know how to see the rest of the pictures later, but will hit the highlights and end.

I must share this picture with you-this is the way that Rhett says he will remember me from this trip…he says I was either texting or talking on the phone for the whole vacation.  I disagree!  How could I have taken over 200 pictures if I was on the phone the whole time?!  I believe the issue is jealousy, as he does not belong to a posse as I do!  :o)  Shout out to Nadine and Paula!!



I don’t know why it is, but I can always get great pictures of the Boys when they are on a carousel!  And here they are!!         

 I love my Boys!!

Here is Logan, Rhett and the top of Harry’s head (!) on Dumbo!  Logan loved flying in the elephant and Bug and I were right in front of them!  I thought it was lots of fun to do “little kid” things because it brought so much joy to them!  Yes, Reece and Garett had lots of fun, and appreciated it all, but Disney still held magic for the Babies.  Reece and Garett rode “big boy” rides and roller coasters (this was the first year for Bug to venture onto the real roller coasters-like Space Mountain)and had a great time-especially at Universal.


We spent one day at Universal and one day at Islands of Adventure.  I skipped the Islands of Adventure day due to sinus and congestion stuff and Harry and I spent most of the day napping.  I have one picture of a guy that was outside of The Mummy roller coaster  who was up on stilts.  The Boys said he was “freaky” because he didn’t speak.  I said that the ride was freaky because it was scary!  Very scary!  Honestly, I am surprised that Garett did not have nightmares-he was not in a good mood at all when he came out of the ride.

Like I said, I have many more memories, just not the patience to share any more for today.


When I started this post it was 7:30am.  Now it is 9:30pm and I will end with the picture of Garett and the fish that he caught today!  He was so excited!  He and Reece both caught 3 fish each and caught the trees more than once!  They had a great time and I love that they are making memories with their Dad and Grandfather. 

We all had a productive day and it ended with everyone piling into the van after dinner, showers and jammies to go get ice cream.  Well, the Boys were in jammies, not Rhett and I!  We drove all around looking for Halloween lights (we have OURS up-why doesn’t everyone else?!?) but to our dismay, we found only one lone pumpkin in all of our searching.  Oh well, it’s just the 4th…more will pop up.

As I end I remind you to be thankful for all that you have and the opportunities you have each and everyday to bring a smile to someone’s face.  A compliment, an offer to help, even just a smile from you can make a big difference!  Happy mail works too!  Consider it a challenge…make someone smile and if you have children, tell them that you love them.  That will make their day!!

Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Jeanne  :o)

Queen of the 25-Loads-of-Laundry-Done-in-One-Week Browns!!



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I'm a SAHM mother of 4 who loves nothing better than to spend the day with all of her Boys! I'm living out my dream being the hands-on Mommy I've always wanted to be!
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  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for getting the Disney vacation posted. Did you tell the boys that St. Augustine was where their parents spent their honeymoon?
    And – I have two children who I hope know I love them, and their spouses, and my four grandsons very much.

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