I’m Not Normally a Hiker…

…but when Rhett suggested we take the Boys to Jones Gap I thought it sounded like fun.  So off we went!  We got there in time to eat a picnic lunch I packed beside the river.  We ate the lunch by the river.  We didn’t pack the lunch by the river-just to clarify!   We could have gone to the picnic tables, but why do that when you can perch on a rock and watch the water rush by?  It was wonderful!  Here is Harry enjoying eating a cracker and digging up dirt with his toes at the same time.  I guess I should get him some shoes…but he loves going barefoot!

After the cooler was put away, we headed off!  My Boys all love rocks and so before I knew it, Reece had his pockets full  and I was telling Logi to put down all of the rocks he was accumulating.  Reece emptied out his stash and I convinced Logan to let the rocks stay in the woods so other little boys could enjoy them.  They all did choose a rock for themselves and I took their picture with it.

Logan also liked this rock so I told him I’d take this picture, but he had to put back down!  No rocks were coming home with the Browns!  I have a collection near the dryer that I have fished out of pockets! 

We got to stop and play in the river for a little bit.  Logan got excited and fell in, but survived!  He was just a little wetter than the Big Boys!  While splashing around, Garett discovered a “lobster”!  Oh my!  My lovely middle child had never seen a crawdad and was duly impressed…until he realized it could pinch him…then he was out of there!  The only thing that startled Reece was the snake-but only because it was either a water moccasin or the other poisionous snake that looks like that…is it a cottonmouth?  I don’t remember, but it had red stripes.  Reece scared it and it headed for the river.  That was pretty much the extent of our wildlife sightings except for some tiny fish and lots of butterflies-one of whom loved Logan’s smelly sock!!  See it sticking out there?!

 Here they are in the river.  We really had a great time!


Rhett was the designated Harry-pack holder and I was the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-pack holder.  I was prepared for anything-I had a first aid kit, water and food to last for 2 days (in case we got lost  :o)  ), dry clothes-which came in handy for Logan!-diapers, wipes, toys, sunscreen.  We were set!  Did I use half of what I brought?  No.  But if I hadn’t had it, we no doubt would have needed it!


So, even though I am not usually a hiker, I am so glad I went hiking with all of my Men!  We had a tremendously fun time and I can’t wait to do it again!  Especially in the fall when the trees are turning colors!

 Until Next Time, I’m Fondly Yours,


Queen of the Browns


About Jeanne

I'm a SAHM mother of 4 who loves nothing better than to spend the day with all of her Boys! I'm living out my dream being the hands-on Mommy I've always wanted to be!
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One Response to I’m Not Normally a Hiker…

  1. Mark says:

    Did you notice the cross in the middle of the rock behind you? Great story and wonderful family pic.

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