Yea!!  You found us!  I’m told this is an easier site to blog on with more options so I jumped ship and here I am on WordPress.  We’ll see how it works out-I’m sure our page will get better as I learn more.  Big thanks to Kent for his help…unless I totally screw this up-in that case he had nothing to do with my switch!  :o)

So, since we are pretty much just “maintaining” until school starts, I decided to blog about our favorite things.  Items, movies, songs, random things.  I collected this information during car rides with the Boys and dinner around the table.  That is one of my favorite things-eating at the table with my family.  My decision to eat at the table is almost always fought against, because all of the Men in my home like to eat in front of the TV, but I’m the Mommy and I can do what I want, so dinner is served in the kitchen…when I want it to be!  That reminds me, we had baptism and BBQ Sunday night for church and I was walking around with 2 plates of food (because Harry and Logan can’t make their own plates!) and I was asked at least 3 times, “Are you hungry?  Two plates of food, Jeanne!?”  Well, Sherry Marshall heard this and (I love this woman!) said, “She’s the Mommy!  She can do whatever she wants!”  SO THERE!!  I’m the Mommy and I can do whatever I want-Sherry said so!  When I make a million dollars, I’m having tee shirts made for all my Mommy friends that say I’M THE MOMMY AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!  There you go!  Okay-back to our favorites.



Reece’s 3 things he would take if he was going away for 1 month are his bike, his Bubba and his drawing stuff.  You’ve see Logan’s Bubba?  Reece is the owner of the original Bubba.  He sits on Reece’s bed and holds court over all of the grown up toys.  It makes me smile that Reece still remembers his Bubba.  A note on the drawing stuff…I posted a picture on the older blog that Reece drew.  He is very into drawing right now.  Well, 2 weeks ago we recieved a letter informing us that Reece was accepted into the Creations Program for Spartanburg District Five Schools!!  Yea!!  It’s a program that he had to apply to get in to and now he will be in it throughout his school career!!  It includes art classes and art shows and we are SO exited and proud that he made it!  So I can see why he would want to include his drawing stuff in his list of favorites!

Favorite Movie-Hulk

Favorite Song-Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce (this is thanks to Guitar Hero)

Favorite Movie Quote-“Does this castle make my butt look too big?” from Garfield, a Tale of Two Kitties



Garett was a little more indecisive on what his favorite things are.  He finally narrowed it down to  the Wii, his little stuffed Stitch (he has a big one too!) and his bike.  He loves playing the Wii with anyone who wants to play…and we are working on not talking trash and bragging.  He’s a work in progress!  He is a daredevil on his bike and when they (he and Reece and Rhett) go to the skatepark he takes his bike instead of his skateboard.  Rhett takes them there because I would have heart failure watching, I’m sure.  The video they send me is enough!

Favorite Movie-Cars

Favorite Song-My Name is Jonas (also from Guitar Hero)

Favorite Movie Quote-“You did WHAT in your cup?!” Mater in Cars



Logan had about 13 things he wanted to take with him for a month!  His top 3 were Bubba (no-brainer there!), his camera and his GameBoy (thank you again, Uncle Jeff!)  Here he is with his Bubba-just this moment-because he just woke up!!

Favorite Movie-Cars

Favorite Song-“Daddy’s Song”-Rhett singing Mighty to Save by Hillsong at Sonset last summer.  Logan LOVES this song and Rhett singing Your Grace is Enough from Sonset too.

Favorite Quote-“Good night and big balls” from the end of the show, Wipe Out.  If you haven’t seen this show, please watch it!  It’s hilarious!  Tuesday night, 8pm-ABC I think.  I don’t know where they find these people, they are probably the ones who stand in line next to their friends who think they can sing for American Idol.  Anyway, they have these huge balls for the contestants to jump on and Logan thinks it’s a riot when they say “Good night and big balls” at the end of the show.



Harry couldn’t TELL me what his 3 favorite things are so I’m going to use my Mommy’s intuition and guess that they are taggie, his diving stick he loves to chew on and hit his brothers with and any one of 3 nose suckers that he loves to play with.  Don’t go getting all grossed out-the nose suckers are clean.  He is cutting molars and so he loves chewing on them…or he loves gagging himself-whichever comes first!  Wendy just made him a new taggie and you should have seen his face when I showed him both of them at the same time!  It was like taggie heaven!  He couldn’t decided which one to cuddle first!!  Here is a great picture of him and taggie #1.  Taggie makes everything good!

Favorite Movie-Pride and Prejudice-just kidding!  He likes anything with lots of colors!

Favorite Song-Anything!  He loves to sing and clap his hands in the car when music is on!

Favorite Quote-“Here’s taggie!” 


Rhett’s favorite things include 2 things he is passionate about-music and coffee!  His first thing he would take is his iPod with all 8000 songs.  How in the world do you like 8000 songs?!?  I don’t know half of the 1800 songs I have on my iPod!  He loves his pod though and so it’s #1.  Number 2 is his guitar.  I didn’t ask him to be specific, but I’m thinking his acoustic is his favorite.  I love laying in bed and hearing him play it in the office when I’m going to sleep.  Sometimes I ask him to play it just so I can have it in my head as I drift off.  He doesn’t play it near enough.  Number 3 is his SpongeBob cup.  I hate the cartoon, I love the cup.  How can you not love this cup?!!  It’s all smiley and big eyed and has none of the attitude that SpongeBob exhibits on the cartoon!  It’s a silent SongeBob-win/win in my book!  We got these cups (there are 2 of them) from a friend, Joy Lewis, years ago and Rhett took them from the Boys!  No one wants to drink out of them though because they perpetually smell of coffee!  But what a way to start your morning!  Even I can’t be that smiley at 5:15 in the am!!
Favorite Movie-Dark Knight (awesome movie, btw)
Favorite Song-okay, Rhett and I get to pick two on this one-his first one is When the Night Feels My Song by Bedouin Sound Clash and the second one is Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban.
Favorite Movie Quote-“I hate cows almost as much as I hate coppers.” from O Brother Where Art Thou? (I don’t get it-the whole movie-I don’t get the humor.  BTW-ask Richie Tucker to sing I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow-he’s good!
My favorite things.  Mostly my favorite things are memories.  I cherish the memories of my wedding day, the morning breeze that lifted my veil as Rhett and I stepped out of the church to go to the reception, the feel of my wedding bands surrounding my engagement ring, the assertiveness I displayed when I walked straight back to the “back of the house” at the Hotel when I wanted to get a Coke during the reception.  One of the the best memories is stopping at the gas station across from the Methodist Church at the corner of Edwards Road and Old Spartanburg to get gas after the reception when we were on our way to see Rhett’s grandmother.  I went in and paid—in my dress!  I love that dress.  We still call the gas station the wedding gas station.  I cherish the memories of the births of each of my Boys.  I remember so much about each time and have written about the day each one was born in their journals. I guess that’s why 2 of my 3 things that are my favorites have to do with pictures.  Number one is my wedding album.  Here is one of my favorite pictures from it.

Number two is my iPod-but more for the pictures than for the music.  I love that I can pull out my pod and look at my family whenever I want.  They are always right there in my bag-their smiles, their laughing faces, their serious gazes.  Yep, iPod is number 2.  My number 3 is my J cup.  I love it!  It keeps water cold and doesn’t sweat.  I coveted Alison Bregg’s (her’s doesn’t have a J on it though!) and so when I found on at Swoozies I snatched it up!!  Dobson’s Hardware has them too.

Favorite Movie-I really don’t like watching movies more than once, same with books, but right now my favorite movie is Sex and the City.  I know, I’m a heathen and a bad person, but I love the clothes and the shoes (and the closet!) and I’m just a Carrie Bradshaw fan.  Say what you like, I am who I am.

Favorite Song-Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield and Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban :o)

Favorite Quote-If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you. from Winnie the Pooh (that bear’s a genius.)


So that’s us!  Some random things I like:  Bath time for the Babies (don’t tell Logan I called him a Baby-he’d be very upset!) 

The quote; Having a place to go-is a home.  Having someone to love-is a family.  Donna Hedges

I love when Garett uses the word loveness and when Reece uses the word finished instead of done (Because I’m not a turkey, Mom!-I love that!)

I could go on and on but will stop for now.

I’m glad you followed us to WordPress.  I agree, it is easier to post here.  Easier to upload pictures-I’ve had an all around good experience.  I think I’ll put roots down here!

Until next time, I’m Fondly yours,



Queen of the Browns


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I'm a SAHM mother of 4 who loves nothing better than to spend the day with all of her Boys! I'm living out my dream being the hands-on Mommy I've always wanted to be!
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2 Responses to Favorites

  1. Deborah says:

    Way to go, Reece! Congratulations for being accepted to the Creations Program.

  2. Wendy says:

    Great Job! You are my idol! How you do everything you do simply amazes me…and makes me really annoyed at the same time LOL. Keep up the great work! Love, Wendy

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